The Artist 

Tristan Chappell

I was born and raised in a truly amazing small town nestled in the foothills of Appalachia, surrounded by 3 state parks, 2 national forests and over 250 waterfalls. Needless to say, I was spoiled and clueless to the fact that not all places in our world are as special as this one. As I grew factories left and friends and families with them, I also began to ache for something new. However, as my horizons expanded my lust for home grew too. There was no where that I longed for more than my jewel in the Blue Ridge. Thankfully, as my love for our mountain town grew so did the love from the outside that would inevitably save it. Today I am beyond thankful to be producing the art that I love in the area that I am honored to call home. 

My whole life I have been inspired by the arts and have always expressed myself through creative outlets. In high school I was drawn to oil painting and was convinced that it was the pathway for me. It was only when pushed to break my comfort zone for a large project, that I discovered my love for metal. Deciding that 3D form and steel were about as far as I could ever get from oil and canvas, I sought out help from a friend with the access and knowledge of a college metal studio. I will never forget the feeling I had the first time my hammer hit red hot steel, the fear and anxiety peeling away as I worked and manipulated such a formidable medium. After high school and some restless travels I attended Penland School of Crafts and studied fabrication and forging under three of the strongest and most talented women I have ever met. Unfortunately, fear, bills, and seemingly good career moves stifled my drive and I lost my creative way. With much gladness in my heart I am excited to say that it didn't take long to figure out what is important in life and I was able to step away from the "real world" and follow my dreams. With all of my love and passion, thank you for your interest and support.